The Four Elements of the Content of a Cloud Based Webpage

There are many different ways to make a responsive PSD to HTML. You can either do it yourself or have a company do it for you. But before you try to convert the responsive PSD to HTML, you have first to learn the basics of making a good PSD file.

Many different problems arise in the making of a responsive PSD One of these is to make the web page fit the resolution of the screen. To be able to have a web page that will fit the screen, you first need to understand the basics of the different kinds of elements to use for your web page.

  • The Fixed Elements

Using fixed elements is the most intact method of making the layout of your site. It is the kind of element that you wouldn?t want to be scaled in any way. A good example of a fixed element is some of the high-resolution games online. No matter how you zoom in or out, the shape of the game will still be the same. If you will be using fixed elements, the best action to do is to make them fit in the smallest screen size. It is easier to make small elements fit a bigger screen over making big pictures, videos and other files be put into place in a smaller viewport.  Check out this site for more details 

  • The Floating Elements

The floating elements can be easily described as the stacking ones. These items are commonly together in hug layouts. The negative thing is that they stack on top of the other in smaller screen sizes. The items are floated to the left when they are tying to be viewed in a smaller view port. Meanwhile, the elements on the right portion of the screen will be placed underneath the ones on the left side.

  • The Liquid Elements

The liquid content may look awkward if you will be using them on the large viewports. But still, many people use them because they easily adapt to varying viewports. The liquid content is normally used for the columns of texts. These columns scale just to fit the screen as wide or as small as the screen of the device would allow them. Liquid content tends to make the texts too wide on bigger screens. If you will use the page primarily for computer use, before converting a responsive PSD to , the best choice is to use a switch to the fixed content.

  • The Scaling Elements

Just like liquid, this selection of elements depends on the viewport. The wider the viewport is, the bigger they will be to fit the screen. The only difference is that scaling content is used for both images and texts. The images and texts have a certain width and height percentage to let them actually adapt to the screen size